Lets play a game…

I was listening to a podcast by This American Life on the way to work this morning and the episode on “The Land of Make Believe” struck a chord with me as an educator. The story was about a family of 12 children who were raised on a boat, a play boat, in their backyard. So authentic was their experience – allocated ranks and roles on the ship – that it remains one of the most influential experiences of their lives.

Now the children didn’t live on the boat, it was merely the source of entertainment and play during their childhood. But as the (now adult) children reminisced about real night patrols, medic responsibilities and galley duties I reflected on how effective this type of exercise would be in the classroom. Continue reading “Lets play a game…”


The thing about Differentiation.

This year I worked with a number of colleagues to develop an online course on classroom differentiation, which was completed by all staff at my current school and another 500 or so teachers from around Australia and the globe. In this article, I would like to share some of the research presented within the course and explore some of the responses made by those learners who participated in the course.

A majority of our learners came from Australia and North America; however, we also had about 20% from Western Europe and 15% from Asia. With such a broad range of educational contexts to draw perspectives from it was interesting to find that most of the learners shared similar aspirations towards increasing the extent to which they differentiate their teaching and learning. Continue reading “The thing about Differentiation.”