Enacting Distributed Leadership through a program of Instructional Coaching.

Despite the range of caveats surrounding the proposed benefits offered through the practice of distributed leadership, it remains a significant factor in the improvement of student outcomes across many schools.

In a purist sense, suggest Silcox, Boyd and Macneill (2015), a distributed leadership scenario is characterised by “a leadership culture where collaboration exists within the school … underpinned by both respect and trust between the individuals involved”; far from simple delegation they (Silcox, et al.) caution and certainly more than just an agreeable way to get teachers to do more work or accept directives from top down leadership structures.

Harris (2013) demonstrates that involvement in broad-based leadership enhances teachers’ self-efficacy, motivation and moral and generates a much higher commitment Continue reading “Enacting Distributed Leadership through a program of Instructional Coaching.”